Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Research: Postponing A Snack, Can Help You Lose Weight

Our guest blogger, Lana Zincone, is back to share some exciting new research that will help you to lose that weight for good!

She's a personal development coach, author of her new book, "Help! I Can't Stop Eating", and my beautiful mama. :)  Check her out at her website

New scientific research conducted by Nicole Mead, a psychologist at the Catolica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal, Jan 30, 2012 shows that postponing a snack and telling yourself, "I'll eat it later" stops cravings. This study concurs with a technique that Lana Zincone, author of “Help! I Can’t Stop Eating” developed over 25 years ago when she struggled with her own cravings.

Lana’s technique prevents you from overeating and giving in to your cravings yet still allows you to eat the foods you desire. “It proved to be a lifesaver for me. I lost the weight and was able to eat what I wanted without feeling deprived. It was invaluable in helping me remain in control. When I experienced a craving, I would tell myself ‘Yes,’ I can have it either at my next meal or meal of choice. It was then consumed with that meal and not as a snack.”

“The secret was that I was saying yes to myself. When we say no to a craving the struggle and temptation escalates to unwanted heights because psychologically when we say no, we want it more. However when we say 'yes' something in our mind changes and we can easily hold off until our next meal. It works because we are the one making the decision, we are taking control. And as a result of saying yes, I never felt deprived because I never refused or denied myself anything I craved. This technique was effortless for me.”

“I would have a lighter dinner and afterward eat what I had set aside. By doing this I was not consuming unwanted calories. I realized it was important to satisfy my craving, not fill up on food I don’t really want. And many times the unexpected would happen, I no longer wanted it because the desire had passed. It was a feeling of liberation to know I could have what I wanted. This alone released a tremendous amount of pressure on me.”

“In the evening I would sometimes make myself a cup of hot chocolate. It satisfied my desire for something sweet and the warmth of the milk was comforting and filling. A friend told me that drinking hot chocolate at night was the one thing that helped her get through the difficult cravings. Another favorite is Chai tea with honey and milk.”

“When I used this technique I was able to lose the weight and still enjoy what I loved without feeling deprived or fearful of gaining it back.”

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